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Sponsor FAQ

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Connect with a community of Problem Solvers focused on solving your challenges in an efficient, transparent and competitive manner.

Submitting a problem through Sparkinov allows

  1. Diverse perspective
  2. Risk mitigation
  3. Faster and more efficient process
  4. Cost reduction
  5. Increased stakeholder engagement
  6. Accelerate outcomes for effort
Sparkinov Sparkinov has a special focus on Agriculture, Food, Water, Climate & Environment, Textile, Mobility, Child safety, Defense, Infrastructure related issues. Having said this, the platform is open for all category challenges which can bring an impact on society.
Applicants are attracted to challenges where there is a broad opportunity for them to build a sustainable enterprise, along with an immediate opportunity of support to develop a solution and a customer with the mandate and budget to procure a solution which solves that challenge in a better way. The Challenge Definition process will help you to articulate this.
For Sponsor, your role is to define your challenge and the opportunity that it presents, then engage with the Applicants to further explore and develop their solutions before choosing who you would like to progress with.
The process will take you through to the point where you have selected an Applicant or Applicants to engage with around your challenge and the opportunity you've defined. The way you engage from here depends on what that opportunity is - this could be things such as an acceleration program, a proof of concept, a pilot to validate or a contract to procure - it's up to you!
The process is flexible and timing can vary depending on the nature and complexity of the challenge, and the requirements of your organization. You will be able to set the general timeframe as part of your Challenge Definition. From publishing your challenge to the selection of a solution generally takes between 6-24 weeks, plus the time upfront to define your challenge and time to follow through with the successful Applicant afterwards.

To submit a challenge on the Sparkinov Open Innovation Platform, you need three things:

  1. A challenge that's worth solving (do you have mandate to solve the challenge and are you able to commit to providing and funding an opportunity for the Applicants?)
  2. A project team(see team question below)
  3. About 6-24 weeks(see timing above)
No, you're not required at any point throughout the process to select an Applicant or to procure a solution.
Running a challenge through Sparkinov's Open Innovation Platform won't be a full time role but the best results come when there's a consistent project team representing the Sponsor. At minimum, you will need a senior decision maker who will champion your involvement as a Sponsor, hold responsibility for governance requirements and provide technical and strategic advice as required, and a project officer who will play the main 'hands-on' role to coordinate all Sponsor input to the process. It is also normal to bring other specialists and subject matter experts into the process from time to time as needed.
Your Terms and Conditions of each individual Challenge will outline the details of your approach to IP. Generally, all IP developed as part of this process remains the property of the Applicant who developed it. If you are interested in learning more about IP in India encourage you to explore resources.
If you are interested in submitting a challenge, please fill to partner with us form to know your interest
As soon as you're ready to! Once challenges are approved through the definition phase, they can be published when it suits you.
There is no limit on the number of challenges you can host. You can publish any number of challenges provided you can commit enough resources and focus on the challenge.
This all depends on the complexity of your challenge, and a range of other factors. We encourage you to get in touch with us so we can learn how we can help you and give you an estimate based on that.