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Spark Grassroots & Rural Innovation

‘Swasahaya’ Individual growth, self actualisation, the very essence of Human life, masked within us. We aspire to Ignite this very aspect in every individual we meet. An ignited mind can inspire a thousand more, that is swasahaya!

The Grassroot, the very basis of what our civilisation was built on, unfortunately doesn't get the importance it deserves and most of the time goes unrecognised. The people that hold and shape the sphere have been ignored but they are who invent, innovate and create astonishing solutions in conjugation to our beginnings. There’s no doubt that we’ve moved far from our innate frugale being, our connected sense to nature and our intuitive understanding of our surroundings, building and creating from scratch, the very essences of life.

This is why we need to revisit our grassroots, discovering innovations and inventive visionaries to ideate workable solutions that can be used globally. We set foot to visit, identify and unearth innovation and innovators from the most remote rural locations across the Asia Pacific, Americas, Middle East and Africa , discovering talent and bringing them to the global forefront by constantly supporting and training them to aviate their innovation on a global scale.

“Customers today demand quality, value, and a sense of purpose from companies and this can be achieved by the kind of frugal ingenuity found in many emerging economies.”

- Paul Pulman (former CEO of Unilever)