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"In a world of no Absolute Truth, why not change the psychological box we’ve been put in. What if there was no Box, no limitation of thought, no boundary for the mind, no constraints to create. In other words, let's change the tangent of the curve society has trained our minds to live in.”

Innovation is Ideation that Implements change, it’s not just creating something new but doing so while delivering a prospective value. We see plenty of amazing ideas flying around, but the real innovation is the ability to capture these ideas in their natural state and scale it to an ever-growing peak.

These ideas and visions are transformed into working prototypes, valued at a far higher determinant than the idea itself.
We’re agitators of this very transformation while respecting gradual progress, culture and change.

We believe that the solution to your problem already exists and hence wasting time and resources reinventing the wheel is unnecessary, when instead we can look closer to identify or discover a few variant variables that could in fact be the solution we've been looking for.

We absolutely love that moment when our creative search delivers an amazing result.

Companies & Industry Groups

Every enterprise has a strong team, a solid understanding of their business and even a sensible process, but when it comes to innovation, the oversized body of the organisation exhausts itself with internalized challenges, leading their employees to a drained out state of creative functioning. In other words, it becomes arduous for innovation to foster within a large organisation where they have been trained and have been working a certain way for a long time. Bringing in external support that aids the process of creative ideation within the organization becomes the key to promote the development of Innovation. To Innovate, think outward


1.Confidential Challenges

High-quality solutions to your Business,Scientific,Technologies and social challenges, without announcing your problem to the world. Use when you want curated experts working confidentially to create customized, innovative solutions.

2.Idea to Prototype Challenge

A prototype that proves an idea. Once an organization has a theory or design for a product or service, an IDEA to Prototype Challenge requests that Solvers prove their solution will work within the organization’s specific needs and decision criteria.

3.Request for partner Challenge

Request for a partner or supplier to provide materials or expertise to help solve a business Challenge. Organizations can use our network to find businesses or consultants that have already developed the technology they need or have the experience to help organizations develop it themselves.

4.Discover Crowds

Competitions to find and select new technologies scouting or services to commercialise, Venture Partnering, Startup scouting


1. Inspire

Transforming your team, your organisation and You. Innovation competency coaching services designed to help create an Innovation culture and rapidly succeed.

2. Influence

At work, we help companies capture, evaluate, develop and implement ideas with all sourced within and assist in discovering new opportunities hidden internally.

3. Intelligence

Sparkinov creates AI solutions (Big data, machine learning, predictive analytics, process optimization) as per your requirements. This can be implemented to capitalize on your data and develop innovative software programs for your company to scale on growth and be on top of your game.


We work collaboratively with a selected range of investor groups, covering family office, private equity, venture capital, Angel investors, sovereign wealth funds, Patient capital and Impact fund.
We offer a variety of flexible engagements and customised Programs to accelerate your science, technology or business innovation outcomes with a lean, tailored, scalable approach designed that promises to improve profitability, increase capacity, expedite higher quality innovation and due diligence.
Be part of this revolution and help fuel the millions of Rural and Urban creative visionaries to Innovate the Future


Do you stay awake at night thinking about creative ideas that could be used to positively impact society or businesses? Ideas that you’d like to see become a reality? If so, you also probably know that the road from concept to commercialization is often filled with risks and obstacles. Sometimes the process is tedious or you just need some guidance and support.
That’s where we come in. We pay you for the part you love and handle the parts you don’t.
Sparkovator has an opportunity to gain access to investments, markets(customers), experience, mentoring, and domain expertise and so much more. Startup and Individual Innovators would benefit from the fact that they get to work on real-life problems with actual on-the-ground data where possible, and we will be with you throughout the journey assisting and guiding you when needed until you’ve blossomed.

Governments, NGOs & Intergovernmental Entities

From nonprofits to foundations to governments to social enterprises to intergovernmental, we build deep partnerships because we can’t do this work alone. It takes a deep and global network to push back against Grassroot innovation.
We want our partners to be as excited about tackling an innovation challenge as we are. Working on problems that fit squarely within a partner’s mission and strategy ensures that we’re equally invested and that our solutions have the greatest possible chance of success.

More Ways To Support

We can customize a plan that meets your giving needs. At SPARKINOV our ecosystem is vibrant, our offerings are distinct and our impact is unmatched. Our teams customize partnership packages based on the goals of each partner. Reach out to learn how SPARKINOV can meet your Corporate Social Responsibility and business objectives.