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Problem Solver FAQ

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Connect with the right customers, learn about their challenges and pitch your solutions to big problems worth solving.

If you like solving challenging problems, want to be part of a community working together to stimulate the economy through innovation and have an innovative idea or solution and skills that you believe can solve important challenges, we want you to become a part of Sparkinov Open Innovation Platform community.

We are looking for anyone with highly domain expertise to Research Students and everywhere in between. Challenges are open to anyone who would like to apply to solve them. Some Problem Owner may have additional eligibility criteria which will be clearly listed on the challenge page

Each challenge will present a unique opportunity - during the process of defining their challenge, Problem Owner will outline both the broad market opportunity that exists and the immediate opportunity they’re willing to offer.

Immediate opportunities could include things like:

  1. Rewarded and Recognised
  2. Contract to develop a prototype, purchase or license your solution
  3. Funded acceleration / co-creation process
  4. Seed funding / grant
While a few ideas may be identified at the end of each challenge to be supported by Problem Owners for funding or design support or/and Reward.
By submitting to an application to solve a challenge, you're committing to engage with the Problem Owner and the opportunity that they've defined. These are real market opportunities with real customers so you need to be able to commit to working towards the agreed outcome.
Refer to the Terms and Conditions of each individual challenge for details on their approach to IP.
Each Problem Owner will specify the Terms & Conditions and Agreements for each individual challenge, which will be visible on the challenge page and will need to be agreed to before you are able to submit an application.
Yes - the process to submit a joint offer is to nominate one party as the lead and submit one application that outlines your joint value proposition to solve that challenge.
Each team will need to use one account to submit one application per team per challenge.
The process can vary depending on the nature and complexity of the challenge - the Problem Owner will set the time frame as part of their Challenge Definition. From applications closing to the selection of a solution to move forward with generally takes between 6-24 weeks but can take longer - check the challenge page for its timeline.
Challenges are published continuously as they're ready. Be sure to check back regularly or sign up for email notifications.
Each Problem Owner nominates a judging panel who are responsible for reviewing applications to select the group of Applicants to shortlist, and reviewing the pitches and selecting the Applicant/s to progress through the process with.
The Problem Owner has the final say over how many Applicants they'd like to bring through to the short listing phase, the average number that we see is around 10.
Absolutely! You're more than welcome to apply to solve more than one challenge at a time - so long as you have the capacity within your team to give each challenge the required level of focused attention should your application be selected.
The application process is simple. Click the Apply to Solve button on the relevant challenge page and answer the application questions. You're only able to submit one application per challenge. Note that deadlines for application submission are strictly enforced in order to provide a fair process. Ensure you submit before the time is up!