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About Sparkinov

Sparkinov is a marketplace for business, technology, scientific, social impact innovation with a mission to solve challenges across continents. We aspire to create and connect people across continents, from the most remote corner to the utopian industrial set-ups. We undertook this quest to create a platform where creative visionaries can connect with Investor and business partners who are as interested and passionate about their idea as much as we are, if not more.
Sparkinov, backed by a team of Open innovation Practitioners ,supportive individuals aspires to reinvent the very idea of Innovation, reinventing the ways in which individuals and innovation interact, bringing in a more creative and unique process. We envision to build a better world, amplifying the impact of innovation for people everywhere, to train, create, innovate, around the remotest parts of the world.

Meet the Spark team

We are an amicable team of passionate, skilled and ambitious individuals with a thirst for knowledge, creativity and innovation. Together we constitute over 100 years of experience in various industries and organisations. Our individual journeys have taught us so much about life, connecting and meeting people from across borders, cultures and personalities.

We now together work for a singular cause, ‘Innovating the future, with a collaborative family of creative visionaries that share our same passion’, our ambition and yearning for creative revolutionizing innovations holds us and our strive together.

We aspire to not only inspire people around us, but also help them realise their potential and be the inspiration that drives so many more like individuals to join our Innovation revolution.


Dr. A.S. Rao
President of Indian Innovators Association & Academic Director at IFIA

Dr. Marcelo Vivacua
President of Latin America Innovators Association

Mr.Naveen Lakkur
Chief Innovation Coach

Mrs. Sailaja Sarvepalli
Advisor-Intellectual Property

Mr. Vipin Arora
Advisor-Innovation & Market Research

Mr. D. R. Mehta
Advisor-Innovation & Textiles

Mr. Katleho David Sakoane
Representative Southern Africa

Mr. Majid EL Bouazzaoui
Representative North & Central Africa